Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wow Leveling Guide

Get To Level 85 In Little As 7 Days, And Earn Enough Gold To Get Any Wow Mount, Armor, Weapons, and Tools You Want! Guaranteed

So, How Long Does It Take To Level To 85?
I cannot answer that question, cause I dont know how long you play for, what level your at as if now, if you battle with a team, do you have weapons for mamimux dps, or if your a smart wow player.

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All those factors are apart of how fast a wow player will be able to level up to 85. If you use all these tatics, congrats youll get there in maybe a month or two. Although, if your interested, there is a faster route to 85. Its only three words: wow leveling guide.

I myself never used any of these tatics, except i played for about 8hrs a day, and I dont even know if thats long. Is it? Well beside the point, I decided if I can't be naturally good like some of you wow elite players out there, I should get a wow leveling guide.

Watch the Video Preview Now!

So i looked, and looked at found literally a dozen or so. I had to sift out a winning wow leveling guide, from the rip offs. To my frustration none of them were garbage, I dont think a dedicated wow player can right a wow leveling guide without there being at least some useful information in it. I went through forums, and asked around, and read reviews, and more reviews, and at the end, one guide rose above the rest.

But........... I got 2, and her they are:


I got Derek's guide, because he is part of a community, of mine. You have to watch his video

This is the wow leveling guide that i was mentioning above, absolutely fantastic. I literally leveled to 85 in 9 days, although he does it a little faster . Check out his Alliance/Horde Videos.

Here are some other wow leveling guides I recommend:
  1. Joanas 1-80 Horde Leveling Guide
  2. Wow Gold Secrets Guide
  3. Valkors Gold Making Guide
  4. Ultimate WOW Guide
  5. Warcraft Mastery
  6. Idemese Alliance Guide
  7. Mmo Guide
  8. Elite Wow Alliance & Horde Guide
  9. Gamers Guide
  10. Thinecrons Gold Guide
  11. Wow Domination Guide
  12. Yes I think thats it! Enjoy!


Doli said...

Great information about the WOW leveling guides. By the way I found good Honest reviews of the top 3 World of Warcraft guides which helped me to move across various levels in Games. Interesting game which I like most.

Jaquelen said...

8hr a day is quite a lot of time, but I know some that play WoW all their spare time! But I don't have time to play that much so:) You might wanna check out this WoW Gold Guide with free tips on how to make more gold in less time.